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APTITUDE Search Engine

The Asia-Pacific Technology Information Tracking and Unified Data Extraction search engine (APTITUDE) has been conceived and designed as a value addition to APCTT’s Technology Transfer Support Services, especially to the www.technology4sme.net website of APCTT. This search engine enables buyers and sellers of technology to have access not only to the APCTT database but also related databases from member countries that are in the public domain.The search process using APTITUDE is based on a simple keyword search that directs the users to the relevant technology databases containing technologies related to the keyword specified.

This search engine is different from other popular web-based search engines in terms of the specificity of the results it generates. This search engine has been designed in such a way that it searches only a list of specified technology databases. The degree of specificity achieved by limiting the search engine to a few websites and databases results in greater flexibility, and is particularly helpful in avoiding a huge volume of non-specific information which may not be relevant for the user. As at January 2011, over 15 public technology databases were searchable using APTITUDE Search Engine. APCTT will continue its efforts to expand the reach of APTITUDE by adding more public domain technology databases as potential search targets for this search engine.

Useful Search Tips:
  • For example, if a user wishes to search for “Solar dryer”, these words should be typed in the search box and the “all words” option should be selected. If the “any word” option is selected then technologies related to “solar” and “dryer” will be displayed. The keywords should be simple.
  • The use of common abbreviations rather than full scientific names would yield better results. For example, if a user wishes to search for “Plastic waste containing PET”, the user should type “PET Waste” as the key word rather than using the expanded version of PET –“Poly-ethylene terephthalate”. While the use of “PET” as a keyword may yield “33 hits” related to PET waste, the use of “Poly-ethylene terephthalate” may result in “0” hits.
  • The keywords should be specifically related to the title of technology rather than the name of technology provider / organization. This would maximize the chances of getting useful information.